The Wonder Studio: Enrollment Information

Welcome to The Wonder Studio! We are delighted to have you join our Kindermusik community. These policies have been created to help you and your family have the very best experience.



Our enrollment runs the school-year, from September through May. We run separate sessions in the summer. Once you enroll for the “school year,” we assume you will be staying with us unless you tell us otherwise. Visit our website for our calendar of units and breaks. If you need to cancel, please fill out our Withdrawal Form.



After every class, all instruments used during class are cleaned using either Sol-u-Guard melaleuca solution, Young Living Thieves solution, or dish soap and water (depending on the instrument/material).



No matter the reason for the missed class, we are happy to have you join another class of the same level at any point; there is no expiration date on makeups. Please notify the teacher in advance so that she knows to expect your family.



Our studios follow the lead of the school district they are within for cancellations. The Wonder Studio's Verona location is within the Verona Area School District. When classes are cancelled due to weather, no credit is given. However, families are welcome to make up the missed class by attending a different class of the same level. For our weekend classes, the team will make a decision at least two hours before the start of the first class and notify families. When in doubt if class is on, please contact Miss Angie at 608-512-7801.


Sometimes, a teacher may need to cancel a class due to an absence or illness, and if a whole-class makeup is not an option or you are unable to attend that class or another class of the same level, a credit may be given for the class.



We will keep the Kindermusik classroom free from food. Water bottles are allowed if necessary. Some of our children or adults have allergies, and we want to keep our space safe for everyone.



We love that you want to capture the adorable moments in class! Please use your cell phone to take pictures sparingly throughout class so as not distract from your time with your child. Also, be aware of photos with other children in them and ask permission from those caregivers if you plan on sharing on your social media. You are welcome to keep your phone on a table, counter, or window shelf so that it is out of reach of little hands. If you are willing to share these moments of joy, please email or text them to Miss Angie. Thank you!



  • Sibling receive 20% off tuition
  • Babies four months and younger receive free tuition
  • Friends referral: Each family receives $10 off the next month or a future enrollment for a school year enrollment and $5 off for a summer or 4-week class enrollment