💡*the wonder list* from 1/16/24


It’s Tuesday already. In Wisconsin, we got hit with snow and now extreme cold. School was canceled last week Tuesday and Friday, and then no school yesterday for MLK Jr. Day. I’m feeling discombobulated with being out of a routine.


There’s no special theme for this week’s *the wonder list,* but I’m oddly very excited to share them with you. I hope at least one gives you a little spark of joy.


When’s the last time you listened to “Today” by the Smashing Pumpkins? I realize I am older than a majority of you who read these emails, so maybe the answer is never. Well I will never get sick of this song, and luckily, my family now has the Siamese Dream album. Based on my quick Google research, it seems like they remastered the album for the 30th anniversary in September 2023. Instead of paying $100-$700 for an original, you can now buy the double LP for $43 (Amazon affiliate link). You can also support your local record shop; our favorite in the Madison area is Strictly Discs on Monroe St.


I can’t believe I’ve never recommended this item before: Tinkle Razors (Amazon affiliate link). While they can be used for eyebrows or other unwanted facial hair, I actually use them to shave off the fine hairs, called vellus hair, on my face every month or so. Removing this peach fuzz makes my face smooth and helps makeup apply better.


This year, I joined a mastermind, which is a group of like-minded people - in this case women entrepreneurs - who want to grow together and support one another. Through this, I’ve met amazing women, including Elisabeth Emmerich (link to her Instagram account) who was just on the HERself podcast! I listened to it from the lens of a parent and a Kindermusik educator, and it was SO good. Have a listen and give Elisabeth a follow on IG.


Have a *wonder*ful week!